Experienced Software Engineer and Tech Lead Manager with expertise in various aspects (Engineering Productivity, Web/Mobile/Test Development), specialized in Developer Tools. Co-architected and built several developer platforms serving engineers in top tech giants (Alibaba Group, Tencent, ByteDance).

    Working Experience

    ByteDance 2023.5 ~ present

    Technical Product Manager

    Ramping up

    Software Engineer 2023.05 ~ 2023.12

    Lead a team for DevAI exploratory tasks.

    • LLM Infra for Code:
      • Worked on LLM training & evaluation infrastructure (for Code SFT, Sandbox & CI Pipeline).
    • Code AI:
      • Add AI features (e.g., code changes review, code KBQA, freeform chat, etc.) on top of ByteDance's internal code platform and reach 2.5k+ WAU within 4 months.

    Tencent 2021.10 ~ 2023.04

    Staff Software Engineer (T11) 2021.10 ~ 2023.04

    Led a team for remote development services on top of Tencent's internal infrastructure.

    • Build remote workspace orchestration & provision service on Kubernetes cluster.
    • Support remote development with desktop IDE clients (VS Code, JetBrains GW).

    Alibaba Group & Ant Financial 2016.07 ~ 2021.10

    Senior Software Engineer 2021.07 ~ 2021.10

    Worked on the CI platform of Alibaba Cloud.

    Technical Lead Manager 2020.06 ~ 2021.07

    Led a team for an in-house issue tracking & resource management tool. The startup project was planned to provide an org-wide Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) workflow and make cross-project inventories visible.

    Technical Lead Manager 2019.04 ~ 2020.06

    Led the CloudIDE team for cloud-based DevMachines, Code IntelliSense service.

    • DevMachine service:
      • Eclipse-Che inspired workspace engine for interpreting an application stack definition and generating the containerized code workspace.
    • Code intelliSense service:
      • Provided LSIF-based code intelliSense for 600+ repos (3PL: Java, TS, Go), integrated with WebIDE & code hosting platform.

    Senior Software Engineer 2016.07 ~ 2019.04

    Worked on the DevOps platform.

    • The all-in-one developer workbench, with sub-systems like Code Hosting / CI / Artifact mgmt. / Deployment, etc.

    Built developer tools around IntelliJ Platform.

    • Built an IDEA plugin for internal usage (3k+ DAU).
      • Integration features with DevOps platform. (Pipeline & CI jobs view, code review supports)
      • Static code analysis with custom rulesets / live template, PSI for code generations.
    • Built a customized IntelliJ IDEA based on the OSS intellij-community project.
      • Usage tracking / Chinese translations / customized plugins.
      • Headless IntelliJ runtime for static analysis, symbol search, lexical diff, etc.

    Tencent 2014.08 ~ 2016.07

    Software Engineer in Test

    • Designed and implemented a test automation platform for Tencent OS (Custom ROM for smartphones and smartwatches based on Google AOSP).
    • Built UiAutomation framework, FactoryTest application, crawler for 3rd part apps for OS compatibility test.

    TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd 2011.08 ~ 2014.07

    Software Engineer - Router WebUI Team 2013 ~ 2014

    Led a team on WebUI development of TP-LINK wireless 3G/4G portable router. Designed and implemented the responsive UI framework, JavaScript module loader & build system.

    Software Engineer 2011 ~ 2013

    • Test automation for Android box & smartphone.
    • Valgrind arm-linux cross compilation, memory-related errors detection & bugfix for embedded WebServer on TP-LINK router.
    • Responsible for Gerrit & other internal development platforms.