Database Tools view

    • Grouping DB (action: double shift - Add Group)
    • Database Color Settings
    • sel / ins Live template CMD + J
    • select sql OPTION + ENTER: expand column list / qualify identifier
    • in the “Services” view, each row is a database session (green online icon)
      • each number (xxx ms) after the console session name is the time spent for the last query

    Writing Queries

    • add -- {tab_name} to each statement, and output console would be renamed
    • output could be diffed (diff view for datasets)
    • New Scratch Buffer - Change Language (MySQL / Generic SQL)

    Running Queries

    • run query statement CMD + ENTER
    • select * from tbl where param = ? parameterized queries
    • transpose view for result sets
    • select statements scope, such as sub-queries
    • output console: full text search ignoring columns CMD + F
    • “view query” for each query and refresh
    • explain analysis - graph view for operation tree (total time)

    Data Editor

    • Filter data (query the DB) vs, Find text in data (client mode)
    • Hide columns / Set pageSize, etc.

    Schema View

    • Navigation: Jump2Table / Jump2DDL CMD + B, quick definition F1
      • F1 not only shows the DDL of the table but also the first 10 rows
    • Show diagram visualization


    • data extractors: pretty / import to other database
    • view (“eye icon”): pretty / tree / …


    • config datasource options: connection -> read-only
    • expand wildcard: expand * to column lists
    • abbreviations in code completion: abc for aaa_bb_cc